Rescue Diver course

For those who want to enjoy diving more safely, why not learn how to prevent troubles and what to do in case of emergency with the PADI Rescue Diver Course? In the Rescue Diver Course, you will acquire the knowledge to deal with troubles immediately, acquire the ability to prevent troubles before they occur, and even learn lifesaving methods in the unlikely event of an accident.
In the actual training, practical knowledge such as how to rescue tired and injured divers, how to assist on the surface, how to transport on land, first aid, how to quickly report an emergency, how to search underwater, etc. Learn in total.
This course will give you a lot of confidence as a diver. Please try it in the nature of Phi Phi Island.

How to book

  1. Book online via email.
    ※Please make an appointment at our shop day before the course or via online for confirm.
  2. Please visit shop to fill in the application form, sign and confirm the payment and schedule of the course one day before the course starts.
    ※Please check the notes of your course in advance.

Course Overview

Phi Phi island Diving PADI course Phuket Thailand

・Event date: Everyday
・Application: Prebook necessary
・After taken PADI Advanced Open Water Diver + Holding E.F.R certified.
・Age: over 15(Jr.RD 12)
・Course days: 2 days~(For those who have not acquired EFR, EFR course + half day)
・Certificate validity period: Permanent without renew

・Fee:14,100 baht(13,500+Marine park fee 600thb), E.F.R Course 5,800thb
Included in the fee: instruction fee, boat fare, all equipment, textbook, certificate registration/ lunch for a half day boat trip, drinks (coffee, tea, water)
Excluded: tickets of the national park
Things to bring: swim wear, towels, sunscreen cream, Motion sickness pills,


After scuba diving, can not on board a flight within 12-18(24) hours. Please ask our staffs in advance if you have to on board a flight in the midnight at same day.
※If you have respiratory and circulatory disease, heart disease, epilepsy, asthma, ear disease and other health problems, you need a doctor’s certificate before diving. Please contact us for details. Please confirm the Q&A form of health here (PDF format)
※Please be sure you have an overseas travel insurance before you leave your country.
※Minors need a Disclaimer Agreement which signed by their guardians.
※Don’t drink before diving for eight hours.
※Time may change due to the ocean conditions or season. Please feel free to ask us.
※We are not responsible for any delay in the completion of the trip/course due to the ocean conditions and accidents.
※About Cancellation fee: If you give 14days notice then it will be charged 50%, on the trip day will charge 100%.
※If you or your friends who can’t dive, you can go snorkeling on a half day boat trip for only 800 baht.